The 8 innovation needs for 2020-21

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Our major partners’ 8 innovation needs

The tourism, culture and entertainment sector can be divided into two interrelated parts: 


Do you have a business solution that meets at least one of the following 8 innovation needs?


Getting to know them in order to be more responsive to their needs

  • Capture, structure, analysis and segmentation of usage and interest data on the leisure or the business/conference visitor.
  • Traceability of visitors over their omni-channel routes (physical and digital).
  • Measurement of purchasing behaviour, goodwill, emotions, ROI and satisfaction. Simple, effective survey solutions, providing rapid feedback on data to determine the economic impact of the visit or conference experience.
  • Visitor classification, profiling, data modeling and categorization. Predictive behaviour analysis, detection of recurring activities, and capture of walking data to measure traffic.
  • Solutions for the aggregation and centralization of information, to facilitate information sharing among the various tourism actors in the region, and the coherent coordination and harmonization of visitor services.
  • Strategic intelligence and competition processes, detection of market trends and opportunities.
  • Improving service while ensuring data security with new emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, voice recognition and 5G. 
    *See the full list of emerging trends in tourism, culture and entertainment below.

Optimizing and personalizing their arrival at the destination

  • Seamless interconnection of digital and destination services.
  • Destination concierge service, recommendations for experiences and itineraries personalized and adapted to the visitor’s digital profile.
  • Minimization and management of irritants: reduction of wait times, simplified payment, self-service, signage and orientation (interior and exterior), mobility of reception and ticketing structures, baggage handling.
  • Solutions for modernizing and optimizing communication channels and technologies (personalized, real-time, aggregated) to enhance the customer experience before, during and after the visit.
  • Facilitating the appropriate welcome for clients from emerging markets (e.g. Japan, Mexico, China, India, South Korea, etc.) or emerging niches (e.g. e-sports, marathons, cycling, hunting and fishing, golf, wildlife observation, religious heritage, etc.), and for clients with reduced physical capacity.

Facilitating their travel to make their journey smoother

  • Improvement/renewal of mobility within or to a location, in the city, in the region or between regions.
  • Solution accessible offline (e.g. in remote regions, air transport, underground network).
  • Taking weather conditions, Quebec’s 4 seasons, and high and low tourist seasons into account.
  • Signage or orientation tools to facilitate travel to complex, open-access tourist sites, such as hiking trails or Montréal’s underground pedestrian network.
  • Improving the distribution of the flow of visitors at a location or within the city.

Offering increasingly immersive and responsible activities

  • Events, cultural activities or innovative attractions to enliven a location or a region
  • Creation of new experiences and new multisensory, interactive and/or immersive concepts that elicit an emotional response, and relational experiences to encourage visitors to meet and interact with one another. Gamification, animation, scripting of routes.
  • Solutions enriching Quebec’s winter activities and experiences.
  • Solutions that improve the offer and foster a better understanding of Indigenous tourism.
  • Creative and affordable solutions to make a location adaptive and responsive: ambiance, visualization, gamification, interactivity (for the general public or individuals).
  • Furnishings, design or modular furniture to enhance the experience of certain locations (for spaces that are limited, under construction, undergoing gradual renovation, or in a changing environment).


Optimizing the productivity and operation of reception infrastructures

  • Automation and customization of processes, including the use of AI and machine learning.
  • Innovative solutions for access control (e.g. home automation, terminals).
  • Decision-making support tools. Measuring marketing efficiency and enabling an increase in autonomous revenue.
  • Solutions for dynamic pricing and inventory control (yield management) in the hotel industry.
  • Technology solutions for internal processes: supplier files, digital internal documents, tree structure, access, databases.
  • New means of purchasing and payment, and solutions for supply and distribution: optimization, reduction of expenses, management of no shows.

Improving job opportunities and finding solutions to the labour shortage

  • Alternative solutions to the labour shortage in order to increase productivity and efficiency: optimization, automation, robotization.
  • Innovative solutions to reduce labour shortages and staff turnover: communication, mobility and sharing of resources, training and twinning, recruitment, retention, validation, commitment.
  • Promotion of the tourism, cultural and entertainment sectors to attract labour and develop the added value of jobs in these sectors.
  • Technology solutions for internal management: inter-departmental and inter-employee communication, contracts, billing.
  • Solutions for responsible management and employee well-being: commitment, employee benefits, work environment, employer-employee relationship.

Attracting and diversifying clientele and building customer loyalty

  • New products and services to increase spending and the duration of the visit, including the number of overnight stays at a destination.
  • Innovative solutions to promote the attraction and reception of business and convention tourism.
  • Solutions to optimize the experience and the offer of a digital loyalty program, innovative ways to reward the visitor for increased loyalty.
  • Responses to the needs of specific clienteles: new targets and emerging markets, new practices, LGBTQ+, multilingualism, pluriculturalism, people with reduced physical capacity, etc.
  • Means of attracting business groups and conventions related to specific market niches (e.g. e-sports, cycling, hunting and fishing, golf, wildlife observation, religious heritage, etc.).

Increasing local social benefits and limiting environmental impact

  • Solutions to improve the social impact and to limit or offset the visitor’s impact on the environment.
  • Increased access to local products and services for the visitor, active participation in preserving the resources of the region. Enhancement of the destination’s cultural character and Quebec identity.
  • Solutions that improve benefits to the local economy: better integration between citizens and visitors, job creation, sustainable experiences, management of tourist flows.
  • Solutions to manage or mitigate the environmental impact of special events or temporary activities.
  • Reuse of existing technologies or facilities.
  • Sustainable development plan, social involvement, eco-design, reduction of or compensation for greenhouse gas emissions.

More information on innovation trends

For your information, the list on the right also provides insights into innovation trends that respond to the needs of the tourism, culture and entertainment sector.

This list is not exhaustive and we also accept non-technological startups with an innovative business model.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, predictive analysis
  • Voice, facial and movement recognition/activation (biometric sensors)
  • Contactless interfaces
  • Connected objects (IoT)
  • Robotics/automation
  • 5G telecom
  • Green technology (clean tech)
  • Sport tech, E-sport
  • Food tech
  • Health tech, health and wellness
  • Neuroscience and brain-machine interface
  • Security
  • Augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality (AR/VR/MR)
  • Blockchain

Partners' innovation needs

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