2018-19 Cohort


With a combination of innovative technologies, interactive light and sound design, and a sense of storytelling, 4elements experiences are unique and ultimately memorable. Whether it be a show, experiential installations, exhibits, or something in between, we guarantee results that dazzle both the audience and the client.

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Ayatana Technologies is the mind behind your tastes. Ayatana Technologies has developed a platform to help buyers make easier and faster choices about what to eat and drink and to increase retailers’ average shopping cart.

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Corpobids offers clients an interactive platform for reserving meetings and events. A distinguishing factor is that suppliers participate in a transparent reverse auction encouraging competition and allowing clients to choose the best option. 

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Feidao is a tourist guide and ecommerce platform developed within WeChat mobile app, aiming to better service the increasing Chinese tourism market in Canada. It is a solution to the language barrier, the Chinese Internet firewall and different payment customs.

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Foodrelay is a company that cooks and delivers gourmet meals to employees of Montreal companies. Through a unique order taking, the employee receives a personalized lunch according to his tastes and preferences, all offered by his company.

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 The Navette Nature provides easy access to parks surrounding the metropolitan area through a bus transportation service.

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Logo-Nu Guest

Nu Guest introduces innovative solutions to enhance a traveler’s journey by providing them with a personalized experience so they can live like locals and experience a city’s culture, food, styles, climate, history and hidden gems.

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Panorama is a decision-making tool that facilitates the monitoring activities of tourism professionals. It can detect trends across very large amounts of data.

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Payzpot helps venues streamline their operations and optimize queue management by integrating technology-aided guest service and management solutions.

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Stimulation Déjà Vu is a company that combines senses and technologies to create unique and unifying experiences. We develop, with the sense of smell as a central point, multisensory solutions adapted and personalized to your sector and customer.

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Alumni 2017-18

OHRIZON. Specialized in augmented reality (AR) content creation for the cultural field. They own a patent of a solution that decreases the weight of the files while increasing the quality of the image.

Ask Pam. Specialized in concierge online and in the experience of the traveler-client. They offer to unify customer contact channels by integrating social media.


Hikster. Specialized in census of all trails and points of interest for outdoor hiking.


M ta Région. Specialized in the promotion of the good tourist addresses of Quebec and the local purchase. This startup allows the general public to subscribe to enjoy exclusive privileges for one year in a carefully selected network of partners.

Magnéto. Specialized in sound creation (podcasting). The creation of geolocalised sound stories allows to “re-enchant the course” of the traveler.


 Merinio. Specialized in human resources management, notably by automating the management of reminder lists.

My Smart Journey. Specialized in tracking and data analysis (big data). It wants to extend a proven solution in the manufacturing sector in order to adapt it to the tourism sector.




SpotEv is a platform of cultural events that takes the search for all types of cultural events to another level in a simple way and helps promote urban life and the discovery of the regions.



Stay22. Specializing in booking and geolocation hosting near an event by improving the user experience and management of room blocks.