The MT Lab partners

The MT Lab was founded by the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) and its School of Management Sciences (ESG UQAM) and thanks to the support of Tourisme Montreal the project was able to see the light of day. The financial participation of the City of Montreal and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy made it possible to develop the premises in the heart of the entertainment district.

The committee of major partners is made up of industry leaders who identify priority themes and who will support companies that have decided to validate their business model, get a first client or new clients in the field of tourism and culture. and entertainment.

The partners

All our partners are involved both financially and humanly in the activities of MT La since its opening in 2017. They are present throughout the year, whether for support in the discovery program and the program of incubation, networking activities or to offer advice or access to opportunities.

Our founder partners

Partner services

Each year, our major partners identify the priority innovation themes and select the startups incubated in the program. The founding members are the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and its School of Management Sciences (ESG UQAM), Tourisme Montréal, and the Transat Chair of Tourism. The MT Lab is a proud partner of the Welcome City Lab in Paris.

The MT Lab is also an innovation hub where its major partners can

  • Anticipate trends with experts,
  • Experiment with the most recent solutions applicable in the field – with innovative companies from here and abroad,
  • Take action to integrate innovations within the big company,
  • Pool knowledge and learning in order to improve practices,
  • Accelerate industry approaches between leaders in the field

The benefits of being a great partner of the MT Lab

Leading the main directions of innovation in the industry

  • Identify priority axes of innovation
  • Select and support startups that add value to the industry
  • Open to testing solutions with innovators

Privileged contact with startups

  • Experiments or pilot projects with short lead times
  • Anticipate disruptive solutions on the market before others

Access to resources, trends and innovation culture

  • One-stop shop for meetings, events and talents
  • Meeting / work place outside office
  • Media announcements and networks of international partners

Partners Showcase - Immersion in 2025

The MT Lab is fortunate this year to offer a unique experience to these 12 major partners during our Immersion in 2025 Showcase which will take place in the Oasis Immersion space on Tuesday 23 November. Thanks to our collaboration with Oasis Immersion, our Major partners will be able to take the moment to reconnect with each other, but also to meet our startups in an extraordinary environment. A fiery program will highlight the 2021-2025 trends and the experimentation of innovative solutions offered by startups.

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