Partner services

Each year, our major partners identify the priority innovation themes and select the startups incubated in the program. The founding members are the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and its School of Management Sciences (ESG UQAM), Tourisme Montréal, and the Transat Chair of Tourism. The MT Lab is a proud partner of the Welcome City Lab in Paris.

The MT Lab for its partners


The MT Lab is also an innovation hub where its major partners can

  • Anticipate trends with experts,
  • Experiment with the most recent solutions applicable in the field – with innovative companies from here and abroad,
  • Take action to integrate innovations within the big company,
  • Pool knowledge and learning in order to improve practices,
  • Accelerate industry approaches between leaders in the field

The benefits of being a great partner of the MT Lab

Leading the main directions of innovation in the industry

  • Identify priority axes of innovation
  • Select and support startups that add value to the industry
  • Open to testing solutions with innovators

Privileged contact with startups


  • Experiments or pilot projects with short lead times
  • Anticipate disruptive solutions on the market before others

Access to resources, trends and innovation culture

  • One-stop shop for meetings, events and talents
  • Meeting / work place outside office
  • Media announcements and networks of international partners