Stimulation Déjà Vu

Stimulation Déjà Vu inc. is a company that brings together the senses and technology to create unique and compelling experiences. We develop, with the sense of smell as central point, multisensory solutions adapted and customized to your sector and your customers.

They develop, with the smell as a central point, olfactory and multisensory solutions marrying cognitive science and experiential marketing. These approaches help to push forward the customer experience and increase the reach towards e-commerce or social media.

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Some success:

Stimulation Déjà Vu has been hired by the Alliance de l’Industrie Touristique du Québec for an olfactory creation for the event “Quebec original in México!”.

Stimulation Déjà Vu has been contracted by Tourisme Montréal for several creations, for its reception desks, for a fun olfactory box presenting the unique ‘smells’ of Montreal (example of an original and intriguing creation: the smell of a church), as well as a playful sensory activation workshop in Lyon, France for the Street Food Festival.

Audrey Bernard, founder of Stimulation Déjà Vu to present a conference on the olfactory journey of the tourist to the 14th editions of the national e-tourism meetings.