MT Lab startups

The MT Lab incubation program comprises a year of support, personalized to your rate of development, in order to accelerate your relevance in the tourism, culture and entertainment sector.

Current cohort 2019 - 2020


ALTKEY uses innovative technologies to design interactive applications. Thanks to augmented reality, virtual reality and immersive installations, ALTKEY creates avant-garde experiences that stimulate public curiosity.


Aperium is pushing the limits of virtual reality immersion to an unprecedented level. The company achieves this by combining a travel platform and development team that is technical as well as creative.


Arrival: the farm-to-plate network for food professionals. All the variety of local products at the restaurant and the grocery store, directly from the producers.


Gallea offers to the general public a solutions that make the discovery and consumption of local art more accessible by combining online visibility via its web platform and physical experience via its exhibition network.

Les Cabinets

Les Cabinets is reinventing the standard of public and event toilets by transforming this unavoidable passage into a renewed experience. Management, layout, guest and hostess service, impeccable cleanliness, conceptual atmosphere, quality product offer and sponsorship activation. For individual well-being, collective and environmental hygiene.


Locketgo offers a rental service of connected and autonomous lockers for events.



Nannybag collaborates with existing spaces to temporarily store visitors’ luggage. They allow them to take full advantage of their visit before going to take their train or plane for example, and also allow landlords to increase their income. Nannybag can be use in more then 25 countries.


Optionizr is a fintech specializing in the tourism world, allowing merchants to optimize their traffic, their conversion rates and their average basket.


Tailor-made services for the design of interactive installations for brands, places or events, wishing to engage in a relevant dialogue with their costumers. The studio aims to break the line between imagination and interaction.


Piecemeal is a managing platform for restaurants. They use artificial intelligence to automate inventories, schedules, purchases and food preparation.

Prologue AI

Prologue AI creates personal conversational assistants that allow you to discover the tourist, cultural and entertainment offerings of a destination. // VoiceTrip ™ is a voice and graphic assistant that adapts to the preferences of visitors to help them discover cities and destinations. // Our production studio plans, develops and supports you in the stages of creating your VoiceTrip ™ which can be deployed on more than 2 billion devices. (Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Alexa, your app, your website and many more).


RE-AK Technologies inc.

RE-AK TECHNOLOGIES is changing the entertainment industry by providing the opportunity to know exactly what users are feeling. The company is developing an emotional analysis platform dedicated to entertainment using AI and advanced biometrics. The focus is on eSports players, game companies and test companies.


WeChalet connects you with chalets for rent, condos and unique houses located in nature. Their mission is to connect you with nature to make you appreciate its beauty and its importance, and to accelerate the call for the protection of the Earth that we all share.

Our alumni startups

Cohort 2018 - 2019


Through sound, light, narrative and interactivity, 4elements creates interactive multimedia experiences that place the spectator at the heart of the environment, in order to surprise, captivate and entertain them.

Ayatana Technologies

This is the spirit behind your tastes. We help consumers learn, discover and enjoy tasting products.


A company that cooks and delivers gourmet meals to employees of Montreal businesses. Through a single order, the employee receives a lunch personalized according to their tastes and preferences, all offered by their company.


Corpobids offers an interactive platform for booking meeting and event space for groups of 10 or more. Corpobids distinguished itself by the obligation of suppliers to show their prices transparently to the competition, leaving the customer the choice of the best offer.


Feidao is a tourist guide and online counter, developed in the WeChat mobile application, for the growing market of Chinese travelers, responding to language barriers, the Internet blocked in China and payment methods specific to this country. .

Navette Nature

A company that ensures that the large parks surrounding the metropolitan area are accessible through a bus transportation service.

Nu Guest

An innovative solution that improves the journey of travelers by accompanying them throughout his journey. Thanks to a tablet placed in the accommodation, Nu Guest offers a personalized experience according to the profile of the tourist.


Thanks to its innovation process and its techno toolbox, Panorama helps companies to better understand AI. and explore its opportunities without having to invest heavily, which reduces risks.


Payzpot helps busy event operators decrease wait times in establishments as well as increase sales.

Stimulation Déjà Vu

SDV develops olfactory strategies combining cognitive science and experiential marketing. Their choice to explore tourism is part of their olfactory creation process based on scientific and cultural data. The joy of discovering through your nose the next step or the imaginary anticipation of what could be the place, the landmark or the monument you will next visit. They can project you into new destinations or bring back remarkable and unforgettable moments.

Cohort 2017 - 2018


Specialized in the creation of augmented reality (AR) content for the cultural field. They have a patent for a solution that reduces the size of files while increasing the quality of the image.

Ask Pam

Specializing in online concierge services and in the traveler-client experience. They offer to unify customer contact channels by integrating social media. (no longer active)


Specializing in the identification of all trails and points of interest for the practice of outdoor hiking.

M ta Région

Specializing in the promotion of good tourist addresses in Quebec and local shopping. This startup allows the general public to subscribe to enjoy exclusive privileges for one year in a network of carefully selected partners.


Specialized in sound creation (podcasting). The creation of geolocalized sound stories makes it possible to “re-enchant the journey” of the traveler.


Specialized in human resources management, in particular by automating the management of recall lists.

My Smart Journey

Specialized in tracking and big data analysis. It wishes to extend a proven solution in the manufacturing field with a view to adapting it to the tourist field.


SpotEv is a platform for cultural events that takes research of all types of cultural events to another level in a simple way and helps promote urban life and the discovery of regions.


Specializing in the reservation and geolocation of accommodation near an event by improving the user experience and the management of room blocks.